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The inheritance laws of France are completely different, from the UK. They largely dictate to whom you can leave your estate when you die

Even the simplest case – a married couple, who have been married to one another throughout their lives – can result in difficulties where there are children

If there have been previous marriages and children (yours, mine and/or ours) then it will be very complicated

If you are just living together, then there is every chance you will find yourself with nowhere to live and a large tax bill, however, if you get a French civil partnership (a PACS) and set it up correctly, then you can get most of the advantages of being married

It’s imperative that you get competent advice, preferably before you take up residence in France. If already here, then CLE run periodic seminars on the subject or we can give details of companies and advisers who can help. If you go to a French Notaire, make sure they understand the UK point of view. To them, the system is normal and fair – what youmay want can be seen here as unfair to the children

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  1. Jaqueline Freeman - December 22, 2017

    Hello Pat,

    My husband Robert died on 23rd November 2017 after a very short illness. He was cremated after a few days and the mairie was advised. I have the death certificate and cremation certificate. I have been advised that I need to go to a notaire in order to obtain a “succession certificate”. I also need to change the carte gris for our landrover and a tractor into my name. My french is hopeless and I need a notaire, preferably in Confolens who speaks good english.

    Do you know of a reliable english speaking notaire in Confolens?

    I am sorry to bother you with this.

    Kind regards
    Jaqueline Freeman, Fregeville, 16500, Saint Maurice Des Lions.

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