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Eating Out- Restaurant Le Moulin de Condac 24/10/2017

    Our monthly Eating Out for October was held at the Moulin de Condac near Ruffec.The weather was so good that we were able to sit out on the terrace overlooking the river. Indeed the only problem was to avoid too much sun! The menu for €13 was first class. For entrée there was a choice of Sardine Profiteroles or Tarte de Maison (the latter resembling a large portion of pork pie) Plat was salmon or chicken both beautifully presented and tasty. Dessert was cheese or Tarte de Pomme. A very enjoyable afternoon.

     For November we have our Christmas Lunch on the 26th at Etagnac to look forward to.Places are still available with details and menu choices available from the website.

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CLE visit Limoges

Arriving at Limoges Tourist Office we found our train waiting to take us on the Limoges City tour alongside over 20 CLE members.

For nearly an hour we travelled around the busy and quiet streets, whilst listening to a very interesting commentary. Too much to take it all in, but the salient points will be remembered.


We then had ample time to take lunch in any of the restaurants close  by, before taking a short walk to the Cathedral, where we were met by our very enthusiastic English speaking guide.

For the next 80 minutes we listened to, not only the history of the Cathedral but that of Limoges itself. So informative that one member said that of all the guided tours she had been on this had been the best.

We then went into the Bishops Garden and with a view across the river that was superb, our guide imparted even more information.

The day came to an end with a relaxing drink nearby before making our way back to the various parking locations. Once again we were lucky with the weather, which enhanced what was a very enjoyable day out with CLE.


Moulin de Cindac

Unfortunately we cannot join you but the Moulin de Condac is one of our favourite local restaurants and I’m sure everyone who is going will definitely enjoy it as the food is excellent.  It’s even nicer in the summer sitting eating on the decking over the river 

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Eating Out- Restaurant Le Moulin de Condac 24/10/2017

Our next Eating Out get together will be on Tuesday 24th October at Le Moulin de Condac meeting at 12.00 midday.The restaurant is by the river in the village of Condac which is situated on the D740 Confolens to Ruffec road. (A couple of kilometres before Ruffec itself).The restaurant serves courses reflecting the best market options at the time so there is not a specific choice in advance. However, there will be a choice of 2 entrees,2 plat de jour (one fish/one meat) and either cheese or the dessert of the day.The cost is €13 with drinks purchased separately as taken.

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Save on Electric costs.

There is an official offer on from the French Government to enable you to receive free or at a maximum cost of €14.99 for 25 LED bulbs.

Go to and you will need your 2016 Avis de Situation Déclarative à L’Impot to enter your Numéro fiscal and Revenufiscal de reference numbers.

There is a choice of screw, bayonet or GU15 bulbs and the cost is dependant on your tax declaration.

Please remember to tick the acceptance box at the end of that form and all boxes that have a * against them.

The bulbs will arrive shortly afterwards.



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