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Member feedback

We discussed in committee today how best to convey participants enjoyment of events. Our hope is to encourage members to join in with the social events all who attend them seem to enyoy so much.

As webmaster I have changed the Menu option Enjoy->Members Contributions to Members Feedback. When you submit a post there you should choose a category. If you relating a story then choose “Member Contribution”, if reviewing an event or outing you enjoyed then choose “Feedback”. If you have negative feedback please contact the President directly through the contact form on this site so he can address the problem more urgently.

A post here will go out to everybody. Also the Monthly Digest will put Member COntributions at the top, like editorial content. Feedback will go towards the end just before Classified adverts.

In order to maintain the function of the CLE we have also expanded the mail outs to include all content that would have otherwise come from the president.

Please make use of the ability to provide feedback – if you enjoyed an event, tell us all!

2 thoughts on “Member feedback

  1. Susan - October 18, 2017

    I would just like to say thank you, John, for organizing the train trip around the centre of Limoges. We enjoyed it very much, and yet again the weather was good!


    Susan and Mike Hutchins

  2. Pat - January 1, 2018

    I don’t think all the membership yet understand how the comments work. Comments are not sent out to everyone, just the person who created the post . When you make a comment it forms part of the thread of the post on which you are commenting.

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