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New Event

Now we are not using PayPal I recommend using Events->Event Front End for all events. Any necessary information should be inserted. The contact email will default to the event author unless you enter an alternative email address.

When the event is shown now it has a “Click here” that will enable an email to be sent to the event organiser.

If you find that you want to use the inbuilt event system to register participants you can choose Events -> Manage Events -> Add/Manage Events, find the event you want to change then click the RSVP tab and check the box to allow registration. This will open up a whole bunch of other possibilities too but for the moment this is all you need to do.

The advice pdf I created to use the full event system is linked below for more detailed instructions (

A New Event

How to post with an attachment

Using the committee option "Submit News/Message" is fine for most cases (and why not just cut and paste whatever document you are thinking about attaching? its then searchable and in the system) But if you really want to add an attachment you will need to use "Edit All Posts" 





This screen either allows you to "edit" and existing post (click on a title and choose edit) or [Add New].

Choose where you want the post to appear and click [Add Media].










Here you have a number oif options which you can explore later but for now click on the Upload Files tab and choose [Select]. Here you can explore you local drive and find the document you wish to upload.




Make sure your chosen file is selected and click [Insert into Post]


Then click 



Classified Forums Guide

This is a subsection of the special interest Enjoy and Talk forums, specifically to facilitate, buying and selling (and hiring). It works exactly the same way as the All forums page (except the forum names) see here

When creating the topic for your item it is best to include several pictures.

Events Guide

There are a number of ways that Events are accessible including the Events menu option (CLE, Non-CLE and Past Events), from the main screen tiles (Upcoming CLE and Upcoming Non-CLE Events). The sidebar contains the current month's calendar as well as a list of the most recently entered events. Past events can be listed for reference purposes. Clicking on an upcoming event, be it the title in a list or the date on a calendar will take you straight to one of two formats depending upon the detail the organiser has chosen.

The quick entry will show the event screen with a link (it says click here with here in red to show it is a clickable link)

If they are using the site to collate enquiries you will see the booking form. Clicking on the [Send your Booking] button sends an expression of interest to the event organiser who will contact you with further details individually.

Contacts Guide

Clicking the menu item "Contact" 5or the top middle tile on the main screen) takes you to a screen with a series of tabs for each of the committee members available to contact and the webmaster.

  • General - is the first one for non-specific emails to the CLE will actually be sent to the secretary but should enable them to prioritise more effectively.
  • Secretary -  for administrative matters (not membership related)
  • Membership - all aspects of membership
  • President - more official formal emailing
  • Treasurer - money matters
  • Webmaster - technical issues with the operation of the site.

Fill in the details exactly as you would an email, and click [Contact Us] to send the email.

All Forums Guide

  The top part of the screen shows the page title (All Forums) and below that Home > Forums. The underlining indicates that clicking it will take you to the home page (which you won't want to do because this is a smaller popup screen and home is already visible underneath it). The main part of the All Forums page shows the list of available forums underlined (blue if empty, red if not). The underlining means that clicking on the forum name will take you to that specific forum.

The Classified forum heading includes For Sale, Wanted and For Hire as sub-forums that you use exactly the same as other forums (see below)

Clicking on Clay Pigeon Shooting or any of the underlined forum titles will take you to that forum.

Note that the line saying HomeForumsClay Pigeon Shooting > Welcome... has got longer this is called the "breadcrumb" trail and you can click on any of the underlined items to step back there.

To receive all new topics from this forum click [Subscribe] on the right.

And to receive replies to a topic that you are viewing or creating yourself click the box next to Notify me of follow-up replies by email (at the bottom). To view the topic of choice click the topic heading.

To create a new topic click [New Topic] on the left.When creating a topic,  enter the topic title then  click on the Visual tab and start typing.  There are some limited editing icons such as Bold and Italic, lists and left/centre/right. If you want to add a link to another website use the chain icon.

The last icon is the picture icon to add photos to your post. Click that icon and then the camera button arrowed.

The usual explorer window then shows to allow you to navigate to wherever you have saved the photo you want to add.

You can enter your own description now (or later) and just click OK.  After you can play around with the positioning options (or click the pencil icon to change the description).

When done, add a key word or two to the topic tags (or not, it just helps the search if used later by a member). Click the "Notify me of follow up replies by email" and click [Submit]

Enjoy and Talk – Member Contributions Guide

Members Contributions are intended to be anything you want to share. An experience (good or bad), advice or a story (fact or fiction).   Below the top intro text  (scroll down) is the list of the contributions so far submitted (in reverse date order). The top intro text includes a "submit" button.


Fill in the post title.

The Insert Photo button will insert a photo wherever the cursor is positioned in the edit box.

Click it and you will be taken to an explorer/browse screen to find the photo wherever you may have stored it. 

Click open to select the photo you want.


Although the site will resize down to a maximum of 800x500px the default will be the 'thumbnail' size - anyone viewing your post will be able to click and view larger, but if you want to show it bigger originally or position it, click the thumbnail to see the options. Which are; text to right, centre, text to left or left on its own.

Type what you want to say in the edit box and click [Submit]. The icons on the tool bar are fairly basic edit options,  bold, italic , justify and lists. The chain icon is for entering a link to another website you want to share. Essentially you can just type text as you wish.  If you don't like what your see email

Info – Guide

The Info menu item show a submenu that may change in the future as further information is added but for the moment it shows;

  • About CLE
    • Newbie information about what CLE does and what its core values represent.
  • Archived Fact Sheets
    • These are older fact sheets from the earlier website. There is not guarantee of currency for the information contained in any of the documents but are reproduced here for your reference.
  • Downloads - here are forms and references that may also be included in other mailing and are duplicated here. 
  • Links - here are links to other websites that may be of interest to CLE members.
  • My info - here is the information stored on the site for you. Your email may need to be updated and your first and last names too - if so then email with the correct information making sure to include your user name.

CLE Mailings Guide

Selecting CLE Mailings (see in red on the menu above) shows the full excerpts list of mailings that have been sent by the CLE site to all members. This is in the form of a grid, in reverse date order. You can scroll the screen down (with your keyboard arrows or with the mouse on the right hand window slider).

Across the top of the list is another menu of the categories you can filter on. So clicking "Announcements" will show you the list of just the mailings categorised as Announcements. All these mailing originate from the CLE committee, except Members Contributions which are more accessible from the Enjoy and Talk submenu.

As the screen says "click title of post to expand". This means the name of the mailing above the "by... and date". Clicking this will pull up the full post to read and also comment upon using the reply to box below the post and any other replies that might have been made (scroll down or press the "end" key).

Note also that you can also move back anf forward in the list of mailings with prior and next post names shown in red with < and > arrows to click with the mouse.


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