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New Event

Now we are not using PayPal I recommend using Events->Event Front End for all events. Any necessary information should be inserted. The contact email will default to the event author unless you enter an alternative email address.

When the event is shown now it has a “Click here” that will enable an email to be sent to the event organiser.

If you find that you want to use the inbuilt event system to register participants you can choose Events -> Manage Events -> Add/Manage Events, find the event you want to change then click the RSVP tab and check the box to allow registration. This will open up a whole bunch of other possibilities too but for the moment this is all you need to do.

The advice pdf I created to use the full event system is linked below for more detailed instructions (

A New Event

How to post with an attachment

Using the committee option "Submit News/Message" is fine for most cases (and why not just cut and paste whatever document you are thinking about attaching? its then searchable and in the system) But if you really want to add an attachment you will need to use "Edit All Posts" 





This screen either allows you to "edit" and existing post (click on a title and choose edit) or [Add New].

Choose where you want the post to appear and click [Add Media].










Here you have a number oif options which you can explore later but for now click on the Upload Files tab and choose [Select]. Here you can explore you local drive and find the document you wish to upload.




Make sure your chosen file is selected and click [Insert into Post]


Then click 



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