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CLE visit Limoges

Arriving at Limoges Tourist Office we found our train waiting to take us on the Limoges City tour alongside over 20 CLE members. For nearly an hour we travelled around the busy and quiet streets, whilst listening to a very interesting commentary. Too much to take it all in, but the salient points will be […]

Member feedback

We discussed in committee today how best to convey participants enjoyment of events. Our hope is to encourage members to join in with the social events all who attend them seem to enyoy so much. As webmaster I have changed the Menu option Enjoy->Members Contributions to Members Feedback. When you submit a post there you […]

Le Petit Train Visit.

The view from Le Chateau. We started off from Confolens with a beautiful blue sky and temperatures going upwards. A much needed change from the previous two weeks of dull and wet days. Arriving at the Petit train station, the conductor welcomed us all onboard and we set off through the woods towards the beach. […]

Lucky Encounter

 The french expression ‘Les ennuis n’arrivent jamais seuls’ translates to ‘Problems never come on their own’ or to the English ‘It never rains but it pours’. The motorhome was packed for departure the next morning at 7.00 am.  Our Cocker Spaniel (Toby) and Labrador (Poppy) had been to the vets and had their expensive, designer […]

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation A fair few years ago we took our eldest daughter from Scarborough to Edinburgh to begin her first year at University.  After successfully completing all the necessary practicalities we ventured, early evening, into the local pub.  Being well away from the centre it was not exactly packed with cosmopolitan tourists but had […]

Cheverny Visit

This is an example from our last newsletter. There will be more. Wouldn’t you know it! After weeks of sunshine and warm weather, the day of the coach trip to the Chateau at Cheverny was forecast for cloudy, overcast and the possibility of light showers. So we went prepared with warmer clothes and raincoats. We […]

Hello all

This is a first entry to this group. Hopefully you’ll be able to talk about places you’d like to go, dishes you especially liked. Anything food-based I guess.

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