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Classic Cars

If your car is a classic or vintage more than 30 years old, the above notes about registering in France still apply but you need to address the issue that it will not have a Certificate of Conformity.

The FFVE (Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque) is authorised to issue certificates which the Prefecture will accept in place of the Certificate of Conformity. Download and complete their application form and send it to the address on their web site along with copies of all the documentation listed above under ‘Registering UK car in France’. They will also require two photographs of the car and one each of the engine number and chassis/body number, plus a cheque for €50.

You may find that some information they ask for is not available for your car. It’s UK registration document may even show blanks against similar listed items. If you can’t get the information off the internet or from a dealer or owner’s club, enter ‘non énuméré’ (not listed) on the form.

FFVE can also help with vintage and classic motorcycles and historic military vehicles.Their web site is:

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