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Minutes 2017 24th April

Minutes of The Charente Limousine Exchange, Committee meeting held at the Confolens Social Centre on Monday 24th April 2017.

Present: Barry Leech, John Welch: Susan Hutchins; Keith Monks: Carol Monks; Brian Robinson; Susan Robinson; Kevin Cokayne; Jan Cokayne;

Apologies: Justine Faroux, Richard Ogier, Ronnie Ogier.

Fuel Prices recorded from Intermarché Confolens. Petrol:1.339 Diesel: 1.239 Acceptance of Minutes of 3rd April 2017.

Proposer: Keith Monks Seconded: Kevin Cokayne Carried unanimously.

Mr Pat Bell was introduced to the committee. He had offered to take the responsibility of creating a new and up to date style website, meeting the needs of the association as Webmaster.

B. Leech, J.Welch and B. Robinson, had previously met with P.Bell and discussed the association needs and had at length outlined their requirements.

Mr Bell then proceeded to show the committee work in progress on the design and seeking comments from all. A discussion took place on this and it was agreed that B. Robinson would be the first point of contact concerning this.

Various ideas concerning payment of subscriptions and for events to ease the work carried out by organisers and the Treasurer were put forward for future implementation.

A one off fee of €350 for setting up and a monthly fee to cover all updating and needs of €15 was proposed by S. Robinson and seconded by J.Welch, was agreed unanimously.

The president then stated as an AOB item that the co-option of P.Bell would need to be proposed and agreed at the end of the meeting.

Standing Items. Secretary’s Report:

The secretary asked that both K and C Monks obtain details of monthly events for the newsletter in their

local area, to which they agreed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Sue Robinson stated that the balance of accounts stood the same for the Livret A at €6561 and the current a/c €7090.20 It has to be remembered that there are large outstanding liabilities against the current account due to prepayments for events.

Newsletter report:

B.Robinson stated that he hoped that the new website would eventually supersede the newsletter and reduce the workload for the future. It was generally agreed that this would seem to be the best way forward providing that the membership benefitted from this. The president stated how difficult it was to obtain details of events in sufficient time to ensure that they would be published prior to them taking place.

Membership Report:

There was no report as Richard Ogier being absent.

Gardening Group.

There was no report from Ronnie Ogier except the fact that the Cheverney Chateau visit had been a success.


The forthcoming French Presidential elections would hopefully allow the negotiations to proceed and updates would continue.

Events Feedback.

Online Tax registration.

49 members attended and everybody thought the event was extremely useful to them.

Cheverney Coach trip.

30 members attended and enjoyed a very interesting visit but future trips need to be mindful of distance and time travelling..

Alpacas Visit.

46 members attended and were taken from the birth of the animal to the final wool product by two very interesting talks and demonstrations. Refreshments in a Norwegian style, which was enjoyed by all, followed this. Our thanks had been given to the family and we look forward to supporting them in the future and we also donated €50 on the day.

Events Update.

Meet and Eat

A once monthly event would commence on Wednesday 3rd May and this day would be supplemented by a book swap followed by luncheon. Future venues will include the Auberge at Ruffec and possibly the Catering College in Civray.


The President and wife were being accompanied by John Welch to represent CLE. The President stated again that Sue Leech would not be funded by CLE.

Treasure Hunt

This is still scheduled for Saturday 13th May at a cost of €5 per vehicle.

Spring Charity School event.

Kevin Cokayne stated that they were still negotiating a date for this.

Coach Trip Rochefort. 40 members booked so far. Tax Forum.

This event has been booked for 10.00 on 11th May at the Lecture Theatre 80 members had booked.

Cheese and Wine

Arranged with Alan and Jackie Barnes for Saturday 10th June.

Gourmet Club.

The next event will be in late June.

Coach trip to L’Isle d’Oleron.

This will take place 20th September.

Christmas Fayre Lessac. Organisation by John Welch is ongoing. Cultural Trips.

Nothing has been booked as yet, dates to be looked at with regard to availability.

Walking Football.

This is still being progressed a member has agreed to ascertain the viability of using the sports halls.


The next meeting scheduled for 5th June will need to be cancelled due to it being a public holiday, other venues would be pursued by the President.

Pat Bell was then asked if he was willing to be co-opted on to the committee to which he agreed.

It was then proposed by Susan Robinson and seconded by John Welch that he be so co-opted and agreed unanimously.

The date of the next meeting will be 7th May 2017 at 10.00.

Venue has subsequently been arranged at the Cafeteria for that date.

The meeting was concluded at 12.15 hrs.

Association No: 0163001445

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