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Minutes 2017 3rd July

Minutes of The Charente Limousine Exchange, Committee meeting held at the Social Centre Confolens on Wednesday 3rd July 2017.

Present: Barry Leech, John Welch: Susan Hutchins; Brian Robinson.

Apologies: Justine Faroux, Pat Bell, Susan Robinson, Ronnie Ogier, Richard Ogier.

Fuel Prices recorded from Intermarché, Confolens.               Petrol: 1.269             Diesel: 1.149 Acceptance of Minutes of 6th June 2017.

Proposer: Susan Hutchins                   Seconded: Brian Robinson                   Carried unanimously.


Standing Items.

Secretary’s Report:

The secretary had been told by a member, that payment had been made to the new Webmaster prior to this being agreed at committee. He told the member that this was not the case as he had been present at the meeting where the Webmaster had been told that payment for the work would have to be agreed by the committee. This is recorded in the minutes 24th April 2017 where the expenditure was unanimously agreed.

The secretary then reported that resignations from the committee had been received by e-mailfro Jan and Kevin Cokayne and Keith and Carol Monks.


Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of Susan Robinson, Brian Robinson gave the following report. The current account stood at €6100.20 and Livret A remains the same at €6561.

The President had requested permission to claim €25 against a thank-you gift for Jackie and Alan Barnes for their work and hospitality at the recent Cheese and Wine event. The gift had been purchased at a cost in excess to this by €18 and it was proposed and seconded by J.Welch and S.Hutchins that the full amount be reimbursed from the excellent monetary return that had been as a result of the day.


Newsletter report:

Due to lack of submissions from members there was no content available for the newsletter. This was further discussed under website.



In the absence of Pat Bell, Brian Robinson who represented the committee’s views, had been in lengthy dialogues with Pat Bell and had been reporting direct to the President on the work in progress. He then outlined this work and it was intended that the new website would start to be rolled out at the end of July. Various new ideas were discussed and agreed upon. It was felt however that until we knew of the impact and full cost of ensuring that the site was compatible with mobile phones and tablets and whether these costs could be justified, this will be deferred until a later date.


Membership Report:

No change in member numbers had been received. The President had received an invite to attend and give a informal presentation on what CLE achieves to members of the Melting Pot Association in Bellac.

Those present agreed that this would be very useful both to them and CLE.


Gardening Group.

No report had been received.

The President had been asked by Michael Moat if he could give a presentation to CLE members. This was agreed to be pursued later in the year.



Considerable internet reports are available on this subject and it is thought that unless a serious issue arises then we will not be replicating for the sake of it.



Events Feedback.


Meet and Eat.


Last months event included the committee meeting as the due date was a Bank holiday. Once again about twenty members attended and several stayed for lunch. It had been mentioned that some might find that this event would be demeaning to CLE and what it stood for. However it was pointed out that this comment had emanated from persons not at the last AGM, where several members had asked for this type of event. The President reminded the committee to always bear in mind the various requirements of members and not to be elitist.


It was also thought that perhaps we could change the Gourmet Club to a name that did meet what the average member envisaged. This needed some thought and would be revisited at the next meeting.


Cheese and Wine.


John Welch reported a very successful day, with thanks to all those who helped especially our hosts Alan and Jackie Barnes.


Events Update. Meet and Eat.

The next date is Wednesday 2nd August and John Welch and Susan Hutchins will be responsible for this day.


Charity School events.


Nothing had been progressed so this event is sadly cancelled. Gourmet Club.

Nothing had been progressed so this will be progressed at next months meeting. Coach trip to L’Isle d’Oleron.

This will take place on 20th September. The President will have confirmation in time for the next meeting.



Christmas Fayre Lessac.

Organisation by John Welch is ongoing. The Lessac hall is booked for Sunday 5th November and bookings

are already being received from stallholders.



Cultural Trips.

Nothing has been booked as yet, dates to be looked at with regard to availability.


Self-drive history tour covering the SAS Chemin de Liberté was being progressed by both the Secretary and President.


Self Drive or Coach to Brantome and the Police Horse sanctuary questionnaires will be sent out to all members.


John Welch will be looking at booking a CLE stall at the Chestnut Fayre at St. Maurice des Lions as we had attended at Dournazac for the past two years and it was felt that we should look at another venue.


The Christmas Lunch was agreed to be held at Étagnac again this year due to the popularity of the venue.



Future Committee meeting dates had been booked. 31st  July 2017

4th       September 2017

2nd    October 2017

6th    November 2017

4th    December 2017





The date of the next meeting will be 31st July 2017 at 10.00.  Confolens Social Centre, First floor. The meeting was concluded at hrs.




Association No: 0163001445                                  

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