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Minutes 2017 7th June


Minutes of The Charente Limousine Exchange, Committee meeting held at the Confolens Cafeteria on Wednesday 7th June 2017.


Present: Barry Leech, John Welch: Susan Hutchins; Keith Monks: Carol Monks; Brian Robinson; Susan Robinson;

Apologies: Justine Faroux, Richard Ogier, Ronnie Ogier, Kevin Cokayne, Jan Cokayne


Fuel Prices recorded from Intermarché Confolens.                 Petrol: 1.309             Diesel: 1.179 Acceptance of Minutes of 24th April 2017.

Proposer:             Keith Monks  Seconded:       Susan Robinson            Carried unanimously.

Standing Items. Secretary’s Report:

The Rochefort coach trip cheque had been delivered to the coach company. The President requested a volunteer to take the role of Vice President.

Brian Robinson who had previously stated he was a willing volunteer withdrew his offer on hearing that John Welch was also willing to stand.

As there were no other volunteers, Susan Hutchins proposed that John Welch be elected, seconded by Carol Monks and agreed unanimously.

The President asked that the committee consider using the BH Assurance sponsorship to help towards the setting up and continuing running costs of the new website. A discussion ensued and it was agreed that if Pat Bell could provide suitable billing then this would be put to BH Assurance for their agreement, which had already been given verbally to the President in principal as well as by e-mail.

The President then pointed out that it had always been accepted that, the responsibility of any Committee member, organising a function, to ensure that it was run correctly throughout its duration. It was agreed that the e-mail addition to the minutes of 3rd April submitted by Ronnie Ogier be accepted.

It was also pointed out that the committee had unanimously agreed on the 24th April not to proceed with any CLE involvement with the organisation of holding a seminar for the Sharon Millward initiative with


The President also reminded the committee that they were culpable for any CLE event organisation where a member encountered a subsequent health or other problem. It was mentioned that as SAMU was a national institution it should really be their responsibility to take such an initiative forward.

However there was no problem in informing members of a future seminar, but not as a CLE sponsored event. All committee members present again agreed that this was the correct way forward.


Treasurer’s Report:

Sue Robinson stated that the balance of accounts stood the same for the Livret A at €6561 and the current a/c €5680.70 There were still cheques to be paid in which would slightly increase this figure.


Newsletter report:

B.Robinson stated that Pat Bell had arranged a secure access for members to pay their future subscriptions by PayPal at a cost of €10 per month.

The newsletter will eventually be superseded by the new website.


Membership Report:

There was no report as Richard Ogier being absent.


Gardening Group.

There was no report from Ronnie Ogier except the fact that the Cheverney Chateau visit had been a success.



The President after speaking with the new English Ambassador at the recent BCC AGM stated that he had been very interested about CLE and would eventually like to visit us locally and speak with members and non-members. The visit was worthwhile as John Welch had also met with many representatives and they were now well aware of what CLE’s aims and objectives were.


Events Feedback.


Meet and Eat.

30 members attended and 21 stayed for lunch. All enjoyed it and the one today had several booked in again. The book swap was also well received.



This was covered as above under Brexit.


Rochefort Coach Trip.

An excellent day with many reports of enjoyment and overall satisfaction, especially the Hermione talk by a very enthusiastic member of crew.

Carol Monks pointed out that perhaps on long coach trips, comfort stops could be arranged.


Meet and Eat at Ruffec.

Brian Robinson reported that some members had travelled over an hour to the venue and a very enjoyable meal and company was the general opinion. It showed that some members would travel quite a distance for a meal at a new and recommended restaurant.

He would liaise with Kevin and Jan Cokayne and would providing there was no conflict with the Gourmet Club, the next event would be on Monday 20th July in Lessac.

The next Meet and Eat would be on 5th July in Confolens being the first Wednesday of the month.

An idea was then discussed on the possibility of combining the monthly Committee meeting with this event on a regular basis, to assist those committee members who lived further away from Confolens The President pointed out that the Social Centre was the registered address of the association at an annual cost of €30 and it would need to remain as such. He wanted the full committee view before considering any such change. There were pros and cons to this idea and it needed more thought.


Treasure Hunt.

Everyone attending enjoyed a lovely day, which was further enhanced by the subsequent visit to St. Jean de Côle for the flower festival.

Organised by Mike and Sheila Wilton the day was a great success, so much so that the President ased that a vote of thanks to them both be recorded.


Tax Forum.

Nearly Brian Shatwell and Isabelle Want covering the many new aspects of form completion gave a full auditorium of members attended and thanks to an excellent presentation had already been passed on by  the President.  He then referred to how some people are unable to even comply or maybe understand an instruction that is given quite explicitly. He was referring to his statement on the day, where he asked on at least two occasions that if anybody attending wanted the instruction slides to simply e-mail him direct with Tax Slides as the subject and he would simply reply direct. One member had still questioned that this instruction was ever given despite at least 40 e-mails had been received correctly.


Events Update.


Meet and Eat

As above.


Spring Charity School event.

No report.


Cheese and Wine

Arranged with Alan and Jackie Barnes for Saturday 10th June. All preparations were in place for the day



Gourmet Club.

No report received.


Coach trip to L’Isle d’Oleron.

This will take place on 20th  September.


Christmas Fayre Lessac.

Organisation by John Welch is ongoing.


Cultural Trips.

Nothing has been booked as yet, dates to be looked at with regard to availability.

Self drive history tour covering the SAS Chemin de Liberté ws being progressed by both the Secretary and President.

Self drive or Coach trip to the British Police Horse sanctuary would be put to the membership to see whether

1, Gauge interest 2, Mode of Travel

Also Advertise the Christmas market at that venue in December.





The date of the next meeting will be 3rd July 2017 at 10.00.  Confolens Social Centre First floor. Please note that the Secretary’s e-mail has changed to     


The meeting was concluded at 11.50 hrs.





















Association No: 0163001445                                  

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